Dan Thiessen
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Welcome to Summit. We offer academic, career and general counselling support for students of all ages who are experiencing school or life stress. I also can assist with referrals to community agencies for mental health support.  My goal is to help in ways that are meaningful to you -  and never to judge.

I have attached some links that you may find helpful. Some are for adults/parents and some are for youth.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns. 

Dan Thiessen, Counsellor 😊

email: dan.thiessen@mpsd.ca

phone:  604-820-3333  ext. 4121

Anxiety BC - a resource for parents and youth explaining what Anxiety is and strategies to cope when you are experiencing it.

*  Foundry BC - a resource for parents and youth offering tools and support for people experiencing mental health challenges.

*  Youth Chat - an online chat service with a crisis responder 

*  Youth Space - an online chat and text service with caring volunteers. All volunteers are trained in emotional support, crisis response, and ASIST Suicide First Aid.

*  Kids Help Line - 24/7 phone service for chuildren and youth offering support for a variety of challenges youth face - bullying, social anxiety, suicidal thoughts, family difficulties etc.

*  The F.O.R.C.E. - a parent support program helping parents navigate the medical and/or mental health "system" and offering support along the way.